CRUD application generator for PHP with Mysql, Pgsql, SQLServer and Sqlite database.

Generate insert/update/view forms with grid display of data by writing 2 lines of code using PDOCrud - Best PHP CRUD Builder Application.


PDOCrud - is an advance PHP based CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete)

PDOCrud supports Mysql, Pgsql & Sqlite database and easily manage data with user-friendly features.

Almost in every web application, User need to write many lines of codes to perform insert, update, delete and read database tables operations. PDOCrud script perform this work by just writing 2-3 lines of code. It offers add, edit, update and delete basic operation along with several other operation, like pagination, records per page, search etc. Apart from these, User can customize the table and form data in many ways as per requirement by writing simple line of codes. Many javascript plugins are also added that help to perform many other tasks. PDO Crud Script has many features to ease the development process. You can build simple web application and backend cms using the script easily. You don’t need to write data submission code (Insert/Update/Delete/Export), script handles that part too. By default, script also put validations as per the field type and manages the data submission using ajax.

PDOCrud Description

Manage data directly from the Database

PDOCrud is a simple yet powerful Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) generator application.

PDOCrud is advance PDO Database management system that creates fields based on the field type and field name as defined in the database table directly by writing only 2-3 lines of codes. The application offers you many ways to work with your data, You can use it as plain php library or with your favorite framework and cms.

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Apart from insert/update, You can export data directly to pdf, csv, xml, excel etc. You can show form in popup, multi step form, different layouts of forms and many more features using this free php crud generator.
Multilanguage support

PDOCrud supporting multiple languages.


Secure your reputation and protect your user’s data PDOCrud Provides Captcha support

Add plugins easily

Apart from normal way of applying any javascript plugin, there is special feature in PDOCrud, using which you can easily integrate plugins.

process 2


PDOCrud also provides various methods of customization By default, PDOCrud comes with bootstrap framework but you can use any template you want.

PDOCrud is very easy to use even for the non-programmers. Content management has become simple and flexible which saves a lot of time and it take minutes to implement this application. You can easily change field types, add captcha, google map, hide/show label, various settings using config file.

PDOCrud - Features

Add records

Creating or inserting new record to database.


Update selected record in the database.


Read or retrieving database records.


Delete or removing selected record from table.


It export data in CSV Format.


It export data in PDF Format.


It export data in Excel Format.


The main use for the tool for some users is with the Search mode, for finding data.

Delete selected elements

Delete or removing single or multiple selected record from table.

Inlile edit and delete

Edit or Delete Inlile record from table.

Sorting asc and desc

Sort result sets in either ascending or descending order on the basis of column,


It provide visitors to your site to be able to do print the current page data.

Captcha & Google map support

PDOCrud supports google map and captcha for security.

Multilanguage support

PDOCrud can work with multiple language

Column Switch operation

PDOCrud supports Column Switch operation.

Added Plug - Ins.

PDOCrud can work with other added Plug-Ins.


This feature for the user on seeing database result, it reduces the burden with long scrolls upside down and provides page results within the single scope of user’s display.

Records per page

you can specify Number of records to show per page, generally results in a number of rows which don't fit in a single page (30 rows by default)

Custom Action Buttons

PDOCrud can work with Custom Action Buttons.

Recaptcha support

PDOCrud supports Recaptcha.

Format Table Columns

Added more options to format table columns (Sum, divide, merge etc)

Advance Filter Options

To use the Advanced Filter, you need to enter the criteria in search box.

Bulk Data Update in Table

Added crud table bulk data update operation to change values directly in crud table.

Import data support

Added option to import bulk data from csv, xml and excel file.

One Page Template

Added one page template to show Form and Crud Table on single page.

Conditional logic

Show/hide fields with conditional logic (this works with database fields only)

Email Form Submitted

Send form data on email - various template customization options

Form Elements

Almost all type of form elements like textbox, select, radio, checkbox, datepicker, timepicker, slider etc are supported.

Nested Table

Added multi table relation.

JQuery Plugins

Added support for various jQuery plugins like ckeditor.

One page template

Added one page template to show Form and Crud Table on single page.

Image Functions

Added various image functions (crop, resize, thumbnail, watermark, flip)

Related Data

Helps the user to simply relate the data of one table to another table and display it in the forms as lists.

Table Cell Edit

Enables the user to edit a single line of cells as similar to an excel sheet.

Pure Bootstrap

Set search columns

user can set which search columns need to be shown instead of showing all the columns in the search box.

Autosuggestion Search

Autosuggestion can be added in the search box which automatically displays the saved data according to the search made by the user.

Top action buttons

Action buttons can be displayed on the top right section of the grid near to the add button. It will be useful if you want to perform some operation on a complete grid.

User Access Management

A complete user-based login and access management is added in this feature.


By enabling the placeholder settings, User can show the default placeholder for input elements.

Date Range Reports

Users can directly add month-wise, day-wise, year-wise (calendar as well day duration wise) report buttons to create the table data based on the date range.

Map Static field to DB

Many times the user wishes to insert some static fixed value in the database field along with the other field during a database insert operation.

Enum Field

Enum field will be automatically converted to a dropdown. User needs to enable enumToSelect = true to make it appear as a dropdown.

Set Field

Set field will be automatically converted to a multi-select dropdown. Users need to enable setToSelect = true settings to make it appear as a dropdown.

Clone Row

By enabling the placeholder settings, User can show the default placeholder for input elements.

Add/Edit form Field

Now users can set the separate form fields for insert and edit forms.

Check duplicate b/f interest

User can check whether a record with the same value exists or not before inserting data, They can use checkDuplicateRecord() function to obtain it.

Search column data type

The function of setting search column data type to date/DateTime/time etc to make search more friendly.

Reset form fields

Users can set the separate form fields for insert and edit forms.

Quick table data view

The user can set quickView=true to quickly view the table data just below the table on click of row.

Password Encryption

This function permits the user to define the encryption method to be used for password type fields prior to data insertion or selection.

Template JS/CSS File

Users can choose whether they need to load the template js and CSS files or not using the settings.

On hover

On hover effect is particularly helpful when users have a huge number of columns in grid/table.

Dynamic hidden fields

Helps in calculating a field value based on the other field's value then the user can easily do using the formFieldValue() function.

Ajax Actions

User can now directly perform ajax actions on form elements. By default, the element on which user apply ajax, it's value will be passed directly.

Subselect SQL

User can use the subselect query to create columns dynamically. They can get data from other tables using the query.

Dynamic Invoice

PDO crud support invoice generation directly from the database.

Dynamic JS Action

User can apply simple math functions to calculate fields using javascript.

PDOCrud -Form Examples

Sign Up Form using PDO crud

You can add various field types,edit the label and add hints. This helps to keep your data consistent.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Register to Our App using PDO Crud

Our forms are easily accessible on any desktop, tablet, smartphone or mobile platform of your choice.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Join Us! form using PDOCrud

You can add various field types,edit the label and add hints. This helps to keep your data consistent.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Login with Registation using PDO Crud

Provide feedback to users about the results of their form submission, whether successful or Error .

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
PDOCrud Audition Form

Talent hunters can use this audition form to gather participants information for talent audition.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
PDOCrud Car Rental Form

A sample form to give you an inspiration if you are in car rental business.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Donation form using PDOCrud

Our easy-to-use, drag and drop form builder is the perfect solution for your online donation collection needs.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Cruise Booking form using PDO Crud

When doing a cruise booking have your clients fill out this form with essential information.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Event Registration Form using PDOCrud

Easy way to allow users to rate an event and provide feedback.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
PDOCrud Feedback Form

This feedback form will be perfect for your visitors to give feedback easily.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Flight Booking form using PDOCrud

Easy for users to reserve flight for their destination using this form.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Hotel Booking form using PDOCrud

An online hotel booking form to track your bookings easily and manage further reservations more accurate.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
PDO Crud Job Application Form

To recruit an employee for your company, you can align job application form on your site.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
Library Membership form using PDO Crud

Allow people to apply for the membership in your library directly through this form.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud
PDO Crud Order Form

Say goodbye to boring forms, Create a form that enables customers to order online.

Demo Form Buy PDO Crud

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Yes, you can use it to insert multilanguage data. Just make sure your table has appropriate Collation.

Database operations are handeled using PDO with proper parameter binding for all type of database.

Yes, you can modify data using call back functions of php and javascript.

RTL support is given by adding external css. For bootstrap template, you can add bootsrap-rtl css (placed in the bootstrap folder) and it will change layout to rtl.

Yes, you can use it. A little bit customization may be needed for some specific frameworks.

Script automatically creates form fields on the basis of the field type and field name as defined in the database table.
Yes, you can change it using $PDOCrud->fieldTypes("field_name", "field_type");

You can hide all label using $config["hideLable"]=true;

Yes, you can easily $config["required"]=false; to remove required for all fields and you can easily set specific field validations. You can add php and js validation both. Please check documentation for more details.

By default, autoincrement columns are not shown in form but You can set $config["hideAutoIncrement"]=false; to show it.

Yes this is possible. please check the  Here I have shown that there are 2 table (master table is user and detail table is user_meta).

Yes, it is friendly for mobile devices.

SQL statement can be anything so view, delete, and update options is not possible for sql statement. You can perform view/edit/delete on a table.
to generate view/delete/update!/grid_column
$pdocrud->colRename("customer_name", "client name");//rename customer_name to client name in grid

You can use formRemoveFields($fields) , where $fields is the array of name of fields to removed.

fieldNotMandatory($fieldName) ; //here you can specify field name

$pdocrud->colRename("first_name", "client name"); this will rename view lable also.

add css class using folllowing code
$pdocrud->fieldCssClass("first_name", array("class1", "class2"));// add css classes in your css
width :100px;

You can set any attribute like this
$pdocrud->fieldAttributes("email", array("disabled"=>"disabled"));// any attribute name and it's value.

Please check various demo forms for code example. You need to group fields for performing this function.

Yes, you can display form on button click also. 1st parameter is button text, 2nd parameter is modal header
$pdocrud->formDisplayInPopup("Open Product Details popup","Product Details");//display form in popup
echo $pdocrud->dbTable("producttable")->render();